Greyhound Bus hit by falling Ice

Greyhound Bus hit by ice. 50km West of Terrace.

Emergency and police and highways crews on the way. Road may be closed soon.

Ok initial report might have been confused – said that the bus was hit by falling ice – it may have been hit by another vehicle on ice or something.

I’m heading to rupert shortly if the roads open ill update ya… if not well then the roads closed

This was the bus coming from Smithers to Prince Rupert. A big piece of fallen ice ripped the front off the bus, and then another vehicle hit the back of the bus. Minor injuries (bus driver).

They managed to flag down a passing train and warn it about the falling ice.

Highway from Terrace is now closed indefinitely because of the threat of falling ice. Ice is still falling.

Passengers are at Kasiks resort, waiting further transport from Greyhound. A bus will be sent out from Rupert to pick them up.

thankyou for this info, as I was to go to Terrace tomorrow morning for union meeting… not now !!!
I hope the bus passengers and driver are all okay, and get back here soon… Thanks Mig

Wow. Hopefully someone has pictures of the damage. Sounds horrible. Thank god no one was seriously hurt.

The highway re-opened around 10 tonight to single-lane, alternating traffic along the 11km stretch between the 2 trouble spots. I sure hope the road stays open and everyone can get here this weekend!!

there’s a whole lotta snow falling out there. Just stay home people !!!

“Falling ice just west of the Exchamsiks River, between Terrace and Prince Rupert, damaged a Greyhound Bus Friday night, sending it into the ditch and resulting in a second crash.”

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