Grey Cup Game

Does anyone have an idea what time the game start tomorrow. The game not the pregame show ?

That would be 3:30pm.

THANKS Soggy , could or should be good game . Montreal…

I think you’re just a tad biased.

OK - lets put some bias in the other direction…

If I had some Rider Green I would be flying it proudly - or like some fellows I met on the sky train in Vancouver one year when the big game was there - they were decked out for the Lions, bellies painted and everything - and BC wasn’t even playing.

Sure - the Riders goofed last year but I’ll be here cheering them on - no doubt to a win!!!

A Saskatransplant in PR and very happy to be living here!!!

In regular season play I am a Ti-Cats fan , no biased here . Hockey I am Canucks and baseball Blue Jays.

Okay, I’ll take my tongue out of my cheek. I couldn’t help a bit of a tease. Not really a sports fan but I’ll be watching and I’m hoping for a good game. No favourites here.

I am begrudgingly rooting for the Riders.

Rider Pride all the way…it’s been almost 30 years since I last was in the stands for a home game but they are still my team. Same goes for my husband, who has Saskatchewan roots.

We may not always have the best team but you cannot beat our fans!