Greetings Prince Rupertites

I surfed in here while crusing the web and reading about Prince Rupert.


Because we we’re telling neighbors of ours here in chicago who are planning an Alaskan cruise to be sure and book a ship that docks with you guys.

My wife and I have travled the world and enjoyed out time in your town as much as anything else.  In fact only Prince Rupert and Innsbrook Austria make up the short list of places we hope to get back to someday.

I hope I can fit in here.


you’ll fit in as long as you are a canucks fan not a fan of the hawks lol. heh kidding but glad to hear you like our rainy little town.dont tell too many people how good it is tho its a secret lol.

Louie sounds like the rebirth of Pederico Lao…

:astonished: It’s Jimmy Hoffa!

I’m not even a hokey fan (see the car?).  Go Canucks!!

Be sure the watch the Edmonton Gran Prix on July 26th.

Go Paul Tracy!

We are hockey fans up here!
Glad to know you dont like the Hokey pokey either…

 It’s a secret alright…I have been to Innsbruck and I think if I had a short list that this town unfortunately, sorry, would not be in the top 5…Sorry, go ahead and gang up on me…If you live in a beautiful city as Chicago, I think you need to get out more if Rupert is on your short list. Yep, pretty on a sunny day but live here for a spell and that usually changes visitors minds…

I am so glad to hear that you enjoy our hometown. I am born and raised here. I am so amazed so often at how wonderful we have it and take for granted. Of course you will find those that always complain about being here but never seem to leave;) I do not plan to move from here anytime soon although many who do leave seem to come back, maybe I am just saving a bunch of moving fees lol

  How about racing?  I suppose you guys are really not much closer to Edmomton than I am.

codybear I’m guessing your a lot younger than me.  I left Chicago to join the USAF at age 18 and tour the podunk towns of Texas, Oklahoma, and The U.K.  Did I miss it?  Oh hell yeah.  Chicago has a lot of world class everything, from culture to entertainment to museums, zoos, and parks.  And world class noise and traffic and rents to go with it.

I can imangine your bad weather and most of your winter is a lot like what I experienced on the North Sea coast of England.  Dreary, overcast, and too much rain.  I’ll trade you my way too many minus zero farienhiet days and snow up to my butt.

Sorry Louie, I am almost the same age and I hail from Hamilton, Ontario, having been raised an air force brat stationed out of Ottawa.  I have also had the opportunity to travel the world thanks to my fathers’ position.  I am glad that you like our town, I was only “complaining” that if you live in a place, then you see the problems as is  the same with anywhere.  I miss the small things that I took for granted back home, fall fairs and the smell  of the leaves and yep, I even miss the frigid temps. and the snow up to my butt.  I am here as I have a great job and a fella I am crazy about but we are both making plans to get out of here and join the big outside world one more time.  Happy Trails to ya and some day I hope to visit your gorgeous city.  BTW, the rents here are not very low either!

I suppose we all want something else cody.

I want a county that’s government isn’t the most corrupt political entity in the country.

I have been to Illinois, a shit town called Herin and it is RED NECK all the way, when I was there in 2001 they took pride in the fact that there had not been a black family living in their town since the mid 30’s. I sat in a bar one night with a black brother , having a few beers and I noticed almost everyone was staring at us having a good time.I asked him what they were staring at and he said we werte not supposed to do that. Shit I said lets stare back and he said no way. That turned my ass back to Canada real fast.

When’s the going away party?

LOL, well up until Madam Palin and Mr. Sanford, your state at one time had the craziest Governor, but hell, Blagoejevich, he’s positively sensible of late.  

Factor in Spitzer of New York and that guy from New Jersey a few years back and of course Arnold, and ya’ll have the somewhat loonie factor all sewn up.

Our folks are positively drying paint compared to down (and up) there.

Hope you make the trek here sometime, the place has its problems but it has it’s good points too, a sunny day here and a drive along the Skeena Highway in the sunshine is one of the most picturesque things you’ll ever be likely to find.  (of course you end up in Terrace on that drive, but that’s a surprise best left for another day :imp:)  

a sunny day here and a drive along the Skeena Highway in the sunshine is one of the most picturesque things you’ll ever be likely to find.[/quote]

We actually did that, we visited some provincial park or first nations reserve (Ican’t recall exactly what the facility was) and even saw an artic bear on the river bank.

I’ve been reading your blog.  Are you a journalist?

The “arctic” bear was a Spirit Bear aka Kermode Bear.

My bad, it’s been awhile.  The wife corrected me.

We saw a glacier bear.

… and a glacier bear is another name for the Kermode bear.

Also welcome to HTMF!

No I’m not a journalist, just someone who has a bit of time on my hands to observe the foibles and fascinations of Podunk and put them on a blog for former Podunkians (and a few current inhabitants) to review.

Or as Bakerwriter once referenced my life as, I guess I’m just someone who

“can just make accusations safely behind your desk, behind a pseudonym, sipping on a slushie from 7-E…”

Pshaw!  Any real Rupertite knows that 7-11 sells Slurpees, not Slushies.  They’re found at Macs or something.

I want a Slurpee  :frowning: