Green Clinic

Can someone tell me it is just a nasty rumor that the Green Clinic is closing down. I heard this today and there are doctors leaving town due to closure.

This is not a rumor the Green Clinc will closed as of July 31st

One doctor there has stopped practicing due to serious health issues, and at least one other left town months ago…

There are only 2 doctors left there and they are being relocated in town some place.

Incidently conservate estimates peg around 3000 people in Rupert do not have a doctor after several departures

People are forced to use the ER at PRRH…

God Dam this little place taking a shitter, Clinic going, herd a good drug and alcohol guy, is levin and the street worker. This gonna a be a shit ass town not many folk stickin round. Just thinkin of head back to US of A for ma self but it could be interestin watching who else goes or closes. 

Do you know which doctors are left? I may have misplaced my doctor.

Yes an excellent drug and alcohol consellor is leaving…

Never heard about the street worker

Doctor Coburn has health issues/ Broker left

Asley is one of the doctors staying not sure the name of the other…

McKarroll is the other Dr. that was at the Greene Clinic I believe.

Perhaps the Premier might like to call up his friend the Mayor and ask how the health care system is working up here, might be a handy bit of information for next years election…

Do you mean Dr. J. Greeif is gone? The street worker was laid off not leaving, sticking around for November I heard.So what happens to the dentist office beside the green clinic.

Hey at least it’s not like Mackenzie - normally there were 2 doctors regularly, sometimes 3 but that didn’t last for long.  At least you don’t have to drive two hours one way just to get to a doctor.  Then again, with all the recent industry closures in Mackenzie, it’s probably going to become a regular thing (the driving 2 hours to see a doc).

Dr. Kirk McCarroll sent out letters to all his patients advising that a
Dr. Beverly-Ann Eysele will be taking his patient files over (if you call
in to confirm, SOL if you don’t) as he has chosen to work in Nanaimo   
(one month here-one month there).  I was in to see him prior to this
mass letter mailing and he told me he has a gf there so he is not planning
on being a full time physician for Rupertites. 

on another note…our family files were sent to Greene Clinic from
Summit Clinic and because family members didn’t need to see a doctor
at the Greene Clinic they no longer have a family physician as they are
no longer taking patients…even though they accepted the files when
Summit Clinic closed…guess it was just a dumping storage ground for our files…
has to be difficult for the staff but my god equally frustrating for someone
that needs to see a doctor.

Every dr’s office you go into they all say the same thing…
no one is accepting any patients… but…here is the number
for the College of Physicians…

Oh man this sucks ass. I guess I’m doctorless. That’s just freaking lovely.

As your physician, I recommend that you self-medicate heavily with alcohol.

You must get sick a lot then, Eso =P

Dr. Dr. give me the cure… :unamused:

Does the liquor store accept prescriptions?

If you’re more into spiritual healing, my particular theology preaches the liquor store’s righteous gospel.

I’m sure if you hang out outside the moby long enough someone will be able to get you your green.