Grants for youth activities/sports?

Hi, My name is Kelly McMahon. I run North Coast Mixed Martial Arts. I am wondering if anyone out there knows what programs are available to youths to help them pay for activities, such as martial arts and sports and such. Last year, aboriginal youths who’s famillies incomes were under a certain level could get funding for activities through Skeena Developement Society. This year though, SDS has no funding for youth activities and so many kids that would like to train simply cannot afford too. I would like to help these kids as martial arts is a great way to getself discipline, focus and stay out of trouble, but I have filled up my capacitity of jobs for kids to earn their dues by cleaning and such. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Have you talked to the Friendship House or some of the band councils to arrrange sponsorships for native youth? Sometimes alleviating some of the costs to part of the class can allow you to reduce the rates for the rest.

Maybe you and Rudy at the Civic can work a deal whereby the city can utitlize your services and/or dojo(?) for classes…Rudy used to source funding for the FH so he may also have some advice for you, although you may be going head-to-head for clients… … ia_welcome

That link may be of assistance, not sure. I know of people who were funded for things like hockey and soccer through this.

The everyone can play programme is a good one also there is a grant available
through the participation Canada funding out of Ottawa i know they gave terrace a 20 thousand dollar grant,talking to Rudy would be a good step also to mike curnes he use
to work at the civic he has alot of connections good luck.

I heard Canadian Tire has something in place were they help out with kids funding for programs, it’s on there web site. 

Thanks for the many suggestions, keep them coming!!!

Everyone can play is a program that runs in town.  It is for disadvantaged youth so that they can play sports. The cost covers the fees but not gear, Cdn Tire has a program that covers the gear.  You need to fill out a form and have it verified that you cannot afford to put your kids in sports. It is all confidential. If you know some kids that want to play hockey, and need $ finacially contact Christine Storey at Rupert Cleaners.  Also once hockey registration starts in the fall, you can get good gear at pretty cheap prices.