Grandparets Seeking Rental Home

A house for rental, with very little or no stairs. With w/d, f/s, a d/w would be helpful. Close to hospital too. 1 or 2 Bedroom, 600. Maybe more if anything included. Can e-mail: or call 2506244469. Thank-You.

Can anyone pls help me find a good place for my grandparents, the home they live in, its harder for them to get around. Pls e-mail of phone me, thank-you.

Have you tried asking Gordon Kobza? I know he’s got the Cliffside Apartments across from the hospital, and possibly the ones higher on the hill. Dunno if he’s got vacancies. MIne came with f/s, though the w/d was downstairs in mine and no d/w. Worth asking anyway, perhaps.

I don’t know where to find a good place for your granparents in PR but I thought I’d add a note to caution and inspect every potentially serious rental very closely for mold. It’s very bad in this city - or seems to be. The mold may not be completely visible but check floor corners, ceilings and hard to see places for evidence of mold or water damage. Mold is sadistically subtle in its effects. Leaving afflicted persons with odd breathing problems, lack of energy etc. You wouldn’t even know it unless you are aware you have mold and keep a close balance sheet on your health and energy levels. A friend was looking to rent six months ago and four of ten rentals had evidence of mold.

thanx, i will ask him.

We had tha roblem before. Thanx for the reminder.