Graham Avenue Tragedy

This being Prince Rumours I hope that this isn’t true. Cabbies around town are saying there was a massive party at a household on Graham Avenue last night and that a kid went ass over tea kettle off of a patio and is in pretty bad shape, possibly deceased. Anyone else hear anything about this. Hopefully it is all bullshit but you never can tell these days.

Heard nothing from my news feeds, so I’m pretty certain this isn’t true.

Sadly, what you’ve heard isn’t “bullshit”!

There are so many stories about this horrible tragedy going around. Or someone else died on Pillsbury…

So sad, my condolences go out to the victims family

yea heard about this on facebook first . almost thought it was a story that was changed around . i know of someone not long ago got in a fight with someone on a deck and fell got bad injured but didnt die. my condolences to the family

More details on TheNorthernView: