Graduating Class of 1988

If there is anyone who posts or lurks in HTMF who graduated in 1988, or knows someone who graduated in 1988, please advise them that preparations are underway for the 20th grad reunion next year. We are asking everyone to send their contact information (email, phone, address) to

If you/they are on Facebook we have a group there, and we have a blog set up at where they can keep up to date with what is going on. The blog has a list of the graduating class that you can check and see who has been located so far.

If you graded in 1988, it must of took you 2 hours to write that message.  I’m pretty sure ever one that graded before 1990 types with there to pointer fingers.  Good luck

Cheeky Billy!!  Better watch out or we’ll mow you down with our electric scooters.