Govermnet had RIGHT to spend EI surplus on

The recent decision by the supreme Court, that the goverment had the right to spend the surplus, just doesnt sit well with me.  :angry: That money was paid for by employers and employees, and it sure in the hell is not voluntary. They can take the money, make it impossible to quailfy to get it back, then spend it as they see fit. :astonished: Is there somthing wrong with this or is it just me ??

If they’re going to treat it like general revenue, then they should just get rid of the EI deductions and take any EI expenditures from general revenue.

This is basically taxation by another name, so that the government can claim it is lowering income tax.

More and more it seems right and just that we should all cheat on our taxes! :angry:

It’s called hiding a deficit, like by selling assetts is.