Gordon Campbell goes for a wobbly skate at the UBCM

“If 51 per cent of British Columbians say it is better to go back, to restore the Provincial Sales Tax, we’ll follow that,” he said. It’s your call. For one day in 2011, every eligible voter in B.C. gets to be minister of finance. – Premier Gordon Campbell addressing the UBCM convention Friday, admitting that he and his government bumbled the introduction of the province’s HST and setting the stage for his referendum on the issue in 2011.

Premier Campbell made his annual address to the gathered assembly at the UBCM, a number smaller than in years in the past and punctuated by empty chairs and receiving a response that could best be described as polite but muted. The Premier delivered a speech that was heavy on looking back at the Vancouver Olympics with a little mea culpa on government performance thrown in, along with some new funding ideas for the mayors and councils of those in attendance.

Using the Olympics as the backdrop of his notes, the Premier urged the mayors and councillors to draw on the momentum of the games to build a better British Columbia.

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