Google Web Accelerator

Anybody try this yet?

I’ll try it out.

Installed… Hummm… just another thing to have on the computer.

Yeah, except this one has apparently saved 25.5 seconds of my life so far.

I’ve been surfing for a totol of 10 mins and i’ve saved 27.6 seconds so far.

Free Anonymous proxy list download:

I’ve saved a total of 1 hour so far

I find that GWA screwed with Firefox. It wouldn’t let me view the green indicators when there was a new message. I said GWA shouldn’t accelerate this website, so that helped.

no i havent used it, and i wouldnt use it,

you cant make your connection any faster than it is, no matter what you…

well other than pay for a faster link from citytel…


at best you get to stare at some extra ads…and hell if you have a slow

enough a system, its more likey to slow things down that speed them up

if you really want to TRY and make it faster, the best way is to goto and do their tests, and grab the tweak util they

offer…allthough all your doing is messing with your networking settings

in your registry…

also, dont have 14 phones/fax machines/answering machines on your line

with no filters, and hundreds of feet of extentions, this will cause all kinds

of trouble…DONT LAUGH IVE SEEN IT!!!