Google Voice in Canada (and other countries outside USA)

When I get back this evening, I’m gonna do a tutorial on how to use Skype to get Google voice working in Canada…

Cool Beans  :smiley:

Ok, here’s the post explaining how to get Google Voice in Canada: … de-the-us/

That’s how I did it, anyway.  When I was in the US a couple of weeks ago, I added a couple of cell numbers to my Google Voice account as well.

If I set up google voice in Canada using these instructions, how can I set it to forward to a Canadian phone number?  I thought it would refuse to forward to Canadian numbers.  And would all my phone calls incur a long distance charge if they did forward to a Canadian phone number?

I followed the instructions and got GoogleVoice working via IPKall --> Gizmo5 --> Skype.

During the activation process I had to use HotSpot Shield to make Google think I had a U.S. IP address.

Once GoogleVoice was activated I removed the IPKall forwarding (Google Voice calls my Gizmo5 number which calls Skype).  This allows me to call any U.S. or Canadian number for free, to talk via my computer on Skype.  However it won’t allow me to forward a call to my Canadian cell or home phone number.

There is a time lag of about 1/4 second (using a wireless network), maybe there would be less lag on a wired network.

Anyway what I have now is free North American internet-to-phone calling, at the expense of some lag during phone conversations.

To make this service actually useful I would need a way to connect my Canadian cell or home phone number via Google voice.

No, there’s no way to add a Canadian number yet, unless you are a former user of GrandCentral, and had a Canadian number.  Google says its coming soon, though.  Then you won’t have to go through this convoluted method either, so it will reduce some of the lag.

I use it with a couple of US numbers, and there is the normal VOIP lag, but I think it’s better than Skype.

Also, free SMS!  

Hey can you get Gizmo5 to forward to a Canadian #?


Set up several Gizmo5 accounts, one forwards to your cell, one forwards to your home, etc.

Then configure Google voice to transfer incoming calls to each of these Gizmo5 numbers depending on if you want cell, home etc.

The downside is Canadian call forwarding is 2 cents per minute on Gizmo5.

Still there is the remaining problem that to call in to Google Voice to reach you in the first place, callers have to dial a long-distance U.S. number and pay the charge for that.  If there is a workaround so callers could reach you without paying long distance, then the whole thing would work OK.