Google page creator

I don’t remember if we already have a thread for this but anyway, anyone here tried it? Looks like a good thing for people like me who get lost when MiG, Herbie, Eso, Ranger Wreck , jesus and the others start talking about php and other code thingies. It’s invites only right now but they will open up soon.
Looks clean and quite simple to me. Similar to Blogger in some ways. I don’t know how much edit one can do but there is a html edit function. I intend on trying a few pages just for fun and just to add my own non-sense on the web.

Hey, that’s probably the first time I open a thread in the Tech forum. Yeah! I’m a wannabe geek :smiley:

Looks pretty neat, I tried it a few months ago on the original beta. Basically a google version of Geocities.

Yeah! The master gives the nod.

I’ll soon post a page that I made so that others can see. I will just recycle the topic of an old html page I did a long time ago ( with your help, MiG).


Here it is:

Tell me what you think. I spent a couple of hours total.

Looks great!

Also, feel free to post photos and stuff when discussing them. Fair Use trumps copyright. It’s not like you’re making money off them either.

People, especially photographers, are overly obsessed with copyright. They need to get over themselves :wink:

Thanks for the copyrights info. I will modify this page later and add a few pics. I figured that as long as credit is well shown, rights are not really infringed.

I really like this. It makes good webpages without having to learn too many things. I will surely use it more for personal and work related things.

Here’s the plan, Watson. We build a huge transmitter and beam it out into deep space for the whole universe to see. And wait for some rich alien to look at it and infringe my copyright!