Google for iphone / ipod touch

You ipod touch owners try the new google services thing?

It’s super-fast: … interface/

You can switch between gmail, google docs, calendar, google reader, etc… all iphone / touch optimized.

Sweet thanks mig

Hi MiG, I noticed when I go to it goes to and they dont have the same interface as .COM site, interesting…

Weird.  I type in in the iPhone, and I get redirected to – which is the new iPhone thing.  All the google apps are way faster this way.  Except maybe the mail, which is a bit redundant with the IMAP client already on the iphone.  But Google Calendar, docs, notes, etc… much faster.

Maybe it’s just iPhone, not iPod Touch?  I thought it was the same browser on both, though?

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

i was able to go there when i typed in ithen booked matk it… very cool