Google Earth version 4

There’s a wew version of Google Earth out today.  It includes Windows versions, a Linux version, and a new universal binary for Mac OS X. 

Also, there’s update imagery in the North West area (thought not of Prince Rupert yet).  Here’s a screenshot showing higher resolution imagery of the Skeena River, for example.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I find Google earth really interesting and cool. But at the same time its kinda scary to think of the type of images the military has if this is the type of stuff they show civilians.

Yeah, Google Earth is cool, but I find Google Maps more practical.  It’s gotta be the best map service I’ve ever used.  Scales easily, and you can drag the screen around, rather than having to click on arrows, only to lose your place.

I only wish they had directions for outside the US or Canada…

google earth isss cool :smile:  the newer version is pretty much the same. I wish they had more info and pic’s of certian area’s.