Google calls not welcome

A friend who has a business in town constantly complains about getting their sales calls for Google listings, sometimes several a day.

“Is there any way I can get them to stop calling?” is his question.

I doubt it’s Google. Probably a scummy SEO type of outfit. I get these sometimes, and when I press them, they stop saying they’re from Google. They’re actually offering to help you list your business on Google, or to improve ad placement, or Google search result placement, etc.

If they’re Canadian, treat them like all other telemarketers.

Yeah we’ve been getting these multiple times per week lately at work. We just hang up.

I think once you treat them like they’re legit, your number gets flagged, and they keep hitting you. Because if they were able to get you to stay on the phone for 20 seconds, then maybe next time it’s 30 seconds. And then next time maybe a minute. Eventually they’ll convince you to pay them for something :slight_smile:

So don’t even engage – just hang up.


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LOL! He’s been screaming at them to take his name of their list or just hanging up. I’m concerned he might have a heart attack. I did tell him there was probably no way to get them to stop calling. Maybe there is some entity we can sue for harassment?

Does he have the ability to forward the call?

If so, tell them to hold please, and forward the call to 1-347-514-7296.

It’s Lenny.

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Call display. Used it at my shop, now the same policy at home. If it doesn’t say who’s calling I better recognize the number or it goes to the machine. If they faked a local number I’ll read CBC News online and agree to do everything you want until you ask for the credit card number 15 mins later.
If I’m bored I look them up on those “who’s calling me?” websites to see who the asshole was.

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