Google 411

          Leave it up to google to come up with something like this!!!
     Here is a number worth putting in your cell phone, and on your home speed dial.
Dial:1-800-goog411… or 1-800-466-4411.  This is an awesome service from Google and it’s free…great when your on the road, or away from a phone book…or better yet, you don’t need to call 411 info anymore… :smiley:
It is voice activated and it will put you through to any buisness in Canada and the U.S… sweet.
    This is a Nation wide service by Google and it’s absolutely “FREE”…
I just tried it and I was pleasently surprised how fast it was…sooooo cool…
So pass it on … I just did… your turn :wink:


ahaha, this is so awesome. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing!

awesome heh… I played with a few numbers again last night, out of province #'s

very usefull tool…just a reminder to check it out… :wink: