Goodbytes gone bad!

Did Goodbytes close down.  I saw a for rent on there window.  I never went in there once.
I wonder how long till another person thinks its a good idea to open another computer store.

He had the place leased up to the end of August.  I stopped in there once in August and he said that he was closing down the shop.

Well that sux. Is he going to be still doing service calls ?

Is creative still around ? Man i need to come to rupert and see how this hole is doing.

I think that he’s going back to just operating out of his house, rather than they pay the $2000/month or whatever the lease is on one of those stores.

it’s a good idea to start small and work your way up to a store front. save a % of the money you make and put it away for a year later to open a store front. So many people just jump into a store front and then close down later on.

Hope he does well i have thrown business his way.