Goodbye to Canfor

After 30 years as the largest employer in Fort St. James, the Canfor Mill was taken over by Pope & Talbot ar 12:01 this morning. At 2:00 pm I got mailed this pic.
It’s posted on the road out of town, near the airport:


speakin of mills… anyone heard anything about skeena starting up under a fresh red coat of paint?

That sign is frickin’ hilarious! And about the mill here…don’t get your hopes up…

My dad seems to like working for Pope and Talbot, he gets bonuses and coupons for all sorts of free things. Maybe it’s a good thing for Fort St. James residents. God knows they deserve something positive, cause that town is a grade A shithole.

ah,gee thanks…(he types while sitting on the porch watching the sunset on the lake)

I think it would suck if that mill opened up again. I didn’t move here to smell some gay pulp mill. make paper from weeds not trees.

It is the smell of money…

what, weed?

Mackenzie, Fort St. James, and Chetwynd. Those three towns constitute the BC Axis of Suck.

you could do a whole list. you forgot Hooterville (Vanderhoof), Burns Lake, etc.
oh, and look where you live. How’s Bluto and Olive Oyl? :laughing:
Isn’t it fun to inhabit Area250, the land beyond Hope?

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]you could do a whole list. you forgot Hooterville (Vanderhoof), Burns Lake, etc.
oh, and look where you live. How’s Bluto and Olive Oyl? :laughing:
Isn’t it fun to inhabit Area250, the land beyond Hope?[/quote]

I actually like Burns Lake, but there’s no denying that Prince George is a dirty bumhole.

I met Corky Evans in Burns Lake once. He and a planeload of bureauclots flew up in the morning for a big tech event and went home at 2:30 knowing all about the connectivity needs of Northern BC.
I used to relieve the BC Tel installer in Burns and all I could think was ‘at least I don’t have to live here, man’…

Actually, it isn’t bad because of the mountain and the prevailing winds. I have seen other mill town with worst smell.

Bad enough for me to bitch about it.

A friend of mine who was working at the mill when we were roommates used to work in a section called RE-Caust(sp?). I asked him not to leave his clothes in the bathroom, because they reeked and on some days actually burned the nose a little. One day I walked into the bathroom and was about to bitch at him for leaving his clothes in the bathroom again, but the only thing in there was a single leather belt. He wasn’t exactly swimming in it, but what ever it was, it penetrated the belt enough to stick up the whole room.

Yes but that’s because he brought the smell to your house. The air smell isn’t bad. The reduction plant they run in the summer is worst.

The pulp mill didn’t make Rupert stinky. Besides the other factors already mentioned, it’s also pretty far out of town.

I’ve lived in pulp mill towns too, and you can’t control the winds they will always stink. Rupert is doing great without out the mill, i say let some other town have take it off our hands and minds. and health and noses :smile:

The mill is already build here though. The jobs will be nice too…

[quote=“mikko in his first post”]I’m new in town, moved here from Calgary at the start of december.

So you weren’t here when the mill was around. Believe me, this is not a regular mill town when it comes to smell. Very rarely would we get a wind that will go around or over the top of the mountain to reach the town.

I’ve lived in Rupert all my life and I can’t remember smelling the stink more than 3 times a year if that… and I was outside 75% of the time as a kid.