Good Writing Program

I am trying to find a good but safe Writing Program to download for free into my windowsXP, I have looked around but not feeling safe so seeking advise from someone with know how.

What kind of writing program do you mean? Like a word processor or something you can write screenplays and scripts with?

Yeah something like word processor, I will get into screen writing later but there is no room for drama in this town.

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Nigel: " Please, Louella. I have only one more year in this post. I’m sure I can collar Capt. Highliner and the Sargeant will reward me with an assignment to the CLEU unit. Just find something to pass the time while I’m on the case!"
CUT- to vaseline lensed scene of Louella and Kris of the Coast Guard humping wildly in seedy motel room.
DISSOLVE into Nigel adjusting his stetson as he walks into rainy night.
CUT - to inside of laboratory. Sargeant Sniffles os peering into microscope, turns to Wendy the technician.
"I’m pretty sure Capt. Highliner’s DNA is on this swab from the floor of the great halibut heist. Send it off ASAP, we don’t want to get bogged down on the case"
Wendy: “Okay boss, but the lab in Ottawa has a nine year backlog and the courier’s are all on strike. I’ll do my best.”

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Nigel , I am still looking seriously for a word processor programso if there is anyone out there who may have some info please .

Well I went out and bought Office 2003 and I still can’t write worth a shit :laughing:

seriously openoffice is good, and it’s free. I usually just pump it out on wordpad and then run it through Word to spell/grammer check and format.

Search for torrents of Microsoft Office and install only the parts you want. as mentioned above is rather aight. AbiWord is also pretty functional yet lightweight.

I second abiword, its great

How 'bout:


or … essor.html

I have ascreenwriters program , called Final Draft, and Movie Magic Screenwriter

its good sort of easy to use.
:smiley: :smiley:

AbiWord is nice… I can say that it does everything that I ever do in a word processor–spell checking, formatting, basic tables, image inserting. It reads and writes Microsoft Word documents just fine too. Fast, with low memory/CPU requires.

The bad part about abiword is it is a little crash happy with heavily formatted MS word docs which leaves me with good ol bloated openoffice :frowning:

You know what impresses me about

The installer has a file associations screen.

It says, "Do you want OpenOffice to be the default application for opening:

] Word Documents

] Excel Spreadsheets

] PowerPoint Presentations"

But all of the boxes are unchecked by default, even though I had no Office type software installed. And then at the bottom of that window, it reads “Please note: If you are just trying out OpenOffice, you should leave these boxes unchecked”.

That selflessness is very refreshing, considering that most media applications want to associate themselves with everything under the sun.

I like nano.