Good restaurant?

Anyone know if anyone in town makes a good curried chicken? The east indians I used to work with at the mill used to make it all the time, now its closed I never get it anymore and I miss it, like to order it if there is anyone in town the makes it, anyone know? thanks in advance.

You wont believe this my friend…I was on course and went to the grocery store to try and save a few bucks…and I found this Presidents choice Butter Chicken in a superstore.
It was absolutly amazing…and for 2.99 or 3.99 you couldnt go wrong…it even came with a small dollop of basmati rice.
I have eaten at la villa…and it was fricken slow…and that night they said no indian food.  BUT they had thai…so I had some fried rice and it looked like shit…very bland and poor presentation…but frick me it tasted very good.
Harry anuss in terrace has good indian food.

The Ocean Centre Diner (I think that’s what it’s called) serves East Indian Food.  There is also a place in Terrace by M&M that has yummy Butter Chicken and other dishes as well.

Good point…I love the sweet chili chicken chow mein at the OC dinner…
As for the hot house in Terrace…its absolulty horrendous…I think its totally crap.

Zorbas has Butter Chicken…

La Villa wrote the book on slow, and there is quite the attitude in there.
One night a friend and I wanted a good steak, unfortunately CUs was closed, so we went to Zorba’s and were we surprised the steak was awesome!
Pizza I still go for Rodho’s / Chinese is by far Stardust.  Fish and Chips Green Apple.

Yeah, I went to Zorba’s a couple of years ago.  My family and I went there on Boxing Day because it was one of the only places open.  I would never have thought to go in there before, but I have to say, I’m glad we did.  The food there was incredible!  Fantastic curries and tandoori food, and their naan is really nice too.  Highly recommended.

It has been quite a few years, but when I went to Cu’s Steakhouse &Seafood on third avenue they had very good curry. :smile:

You can even buy that same Butter Chicken sauce at Extra Foods, it comes in a jar and can be found in their Asian section. Just cook some chicken in it and add some rice and you’ve got the same meal that comes as a frozen dinner.
This stuff is really good, my family loves it

Anton at Zorbas makes awesome curried chicken, $20 delivered with basmati rice, but here is the problem, he is an incompetent dink! I tried to order it fifteen days in a row! The first fourteen nights he has his girl ask who is calling, when I say its me they always say he isnt there, the lazy prick doesnt want to have to make it, ok I’ll wait till he does. After fifteen calls the dumb girl forgets to screen his calls and puts him on, he says “yeah I will make it but it will take a while” I say ya no problem I’ll wait. Five hours goes by and it never shows up, I go to bed hungry and angry, and this is the third time this has happened! Why have it on the menu if your too fucking lazy to actually make it, its not like it is cheap, he is well paid for the one fucking dish! To tell a twenty year customer his order is on its way and not even call to say it not is damn ingnorant, I outta go down there today and bitch slap that little basteige for being so rude. I hope he does that to some lunatic and they burn the fucker down for it, extreme but it will be well deserved, you asshole Anton!

Anton has front row seats for friday night fights.

Location, location, location!

Hot House in Terrace.
Raj Masala brand Butter Chicken curry paste (in a bag) $1.48 at Superstore this week.

Also found fresh Australian leg of lamb at Costco, $10 something a kilo and it’s deboned.

Your funny bro…
I always sweet talk the antwonster…he gives me what I want when I want it.
He makes a mean ass veggie pakora also…I’m not a fan of his pizza…but I get along with him pretty good.  I liked his wife also.  He’s got to be one of the hardest working guys I know…

mmmm Zorbas makes awesome veggie samosas with chutney too!!

Chicken Vindaloo at Zorbas is great!!  If the girl on the phone gives you grief for it not being on the menu just ask for the cook.  He’ll fix you up.

that’s cause it’s called a Bo-De-Ga meaning they make more money out the back door, and from what i hear it’s quick and quality

I always thought ‘bodega’ was just a small convenience store – ie: like 7-11.  Not a restaurant.

you are good shit my friend…and I will  fly from the cuff here

but in calgary where i live when somebody says “hey man you looknig for a hook up go thit T mos it’s a bodega”  that can refer to anything, there are bodegas in calgary that double as photo labs…it’s all about what goes out the back door not what comes from the front. 

Mmmmmmm GOOD!

Hey Chris I am sure someone you know makes a good chicken curry…homemade…should try it sometime…