Good judgement

This is what I saw on my way to work this morning:

Well he made it through halfway unscathed.

How the heck would he get halfway through, before something like that happened?  Shouldn’t the middle of the container be just as high as the front of it… or did it just take that long to stop?

The road dips down under the bridge and then comes up again.  You can’t really tell on the picture but the angle is a bit steeper.  In other words, the front of the vehicle was going uphill.


hehehe…how the hell do you make that kind of mistake???

dont you canadians use signs to warn people about that kind of thing???

Now! Now!  Don’t start with the canadian thing :wink: 

By the way, the license plate was from Kentucky.

And there is a height clearance sign on the bridge … but if the driver was from Kentucky … who knows what he (or she) thought the sign meant …

yeah i suppose your right…we “americans” arent too bright…look at what we elected for a president

look to the left…good…now look down…see???

I think I might just have to get one of these:

Wow…that guy needs to ease back on the coffee,lol.

Maybe the driver was trying to convert metres into feet when the truck hit the bridge.

that guy scares me

LOL… Nice truck I wonder how he is going to pay to get that fixed.

Actually, I didn’t see the license plate  :smile:  I just wanted to see your reaction.

But, with the american bashing that ensued, Buck’N’Burn, you can now tell that no matter how much we say it, we’re not that different from the americans!

Just by the description that bigthumb gave us… it almost looks like the truck probably cleared the overpass when he first approached it… but as the front of the truck started ascending the hill on the other side of the overpass, the trailer finally lost clearance and hit the overpass.

hey…i AM american…i live in the midwest…i am totally allowed to talk about my own country…and you guys are soo not like us… at least you dont start a war once a decade.

in fact…youve never started a war, have you???..Good Job!!

We don’t like to start wars, but we DO like to finish them.

Why one time we chased the American army back to Washington and past it. We then proceeded to burn down the White House and then went back home to party.

i wish i had been there

Actually, the Americans called us British then.  :imp: