Good deals

any one know where you can get the best deal on an hotel here in Town ? right now ?
something good quailty but with a not so high price ?

Try the Neptune Motor Inn, or the Totem Lodge.  Both of them are a little out of the way, so might not be full right now.  You won’t find anything cheap downtown.

With the All Native going on right now I would think a “good deal” on a room would be finding one at all.

Probably not going to find much of anything in town right now with the All Native tournament going on.  

totem and neptune is full as for down town there is one to expensive

and I hear that hotel insnt even full the price is to high

Who were the guys selling wood and offering car trips around town, sean 316 I think it was, perhaps they also have rooms to rent as well :imp:

To funny

Raffles is $50.00 a nite, if u dont care about how the room looks

Or if you don’t mind the room is usually rented out by the hour!  haha

Was that the Inn On The Harbour?  A co-worker looked into it and the corporate rate was $299 a night for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, and it drops to $199 any night after that!!

    Or if you don’t mind drug dealing in the stairwells, drunken brawls in the middle of the afternoon, “sexual activities” in the halls and to top it off, not the greatest food but all in all, one hell of a hell-hole :unamused:

or smells…

or that you will be branded a junkie for coming in and out of that place :imp:

Sounds like we have identified the heir-apparent to the Inlander.

lol to funny but good to know its gonna be wild this weekend glad IM staying home