Good Business's in town

OK, I posted Rainforest books and got next to no response.  Then i thought of Edgar and his staff at Central Barber’s and how good they are to people, especially with some of the lower income old guys i deal with. 

The tailor is awesome, i took a wallet in and he managed to replace the zipper for me, he has fixed everything i have ever taken him for very low prices and they deserve to be recognized for their contributions. 

I like the new Seahorse Trading Co and hope it manages to stay open this winter. 

I don’t want to start on the places i get shitty service at, by being nice and saying something bout the good guys and leaving the others out i hope they catch on anyway.  I don’t shop alot anywhere but Safeway is my choice cause of airmiles but i like the staff at Overwaitea alot. Sandra, Kim and Katie really stand out to me. 

How bout some places you got extra service?  We still have some great business’s in town so lets hear about them instead of just who is closing and all the negatives. 

Some of the places I have had excellent service:

Central Barbers
A&G Autobody
All West Glass
Baker Boy
Rainforset Books
Bank Of Montreal
Recycle depot (On 2nd West)
Home Hardware (The old one)

Even though they not technically a business I would also have to include:

The Prince Rupert Archives
Provincial Govt. Agents Office
Prince Rupert Library

Seasport - usually expensive when I’m in there, but service has always been good.
Rupert Rides has been good
Eddies News
Grassy Bay PetroCan
Game shop on 2nd

Some that are already mentioned:
Baker Boy

The old home hardware was terrible.
As was Philpott.
Rona is marginal
Verdict is still out on the new Home Hardware

Oh ya, i forgot Dwayne and his crew at Entire Auto…he is my mechanic now but it used to be Gord from Rainforest books and he rocks too!

And the BMO, they are good, and Danny, Brian and staff at Harris and Wick for making me such lovely Christmas gifts when given the opportunity!

Most of those already mentioned are good, also like

  • new Home Hardware, asked for and get contractor pricing, good selection, staff go out of their way to help, are knowledgeable, friendly
  • for body overhauls…Dick Buri Hair Salon and Perfect 10 Nails
  • Stuck on Designs, friendly, know their stuff, lots of selection
  • Third Avenue Gift Shop…gellato, goodies, great gift ideas…Vince and Connie are wonderful
  • Mike Morrris Lawn Care - was at neighbours, asked him to quote for ours, price was low, lawns thatched/raked that day, checked back a few days later, seeded a couple of thin areas, no charge!
  • Maverick Mart, of course

The coffee shop across from overweight foods,  lovely couple who runs that shop.  Always a pleasure going in there.

I love Cowpuccino’s and Homework in CowBay I take all my out of towners there, and I also like BATA, Kao and her team are a great help everytime we go in there.  Maverick foods is my store, but in a pinch i can count on PJ’s love the 24/7 hrs.  Dwayne at Entire is Great, and has squeezed me in on his short handed busy days, for a quick fix that kept me on the road when I was in a pinch… MUCH APPRECIATED!  Leanne’s pet store gets thumbs up, love the durable puppy toys and turtle supplies.  Naomi’s Deli in the R.Square, Great Burgers… better than Brad’s, good service.  Rhodos is good when u order take out, in the restaraunt u should order with your phone, so when u sit down ask for the table number lol.  Jill’s Dog grooming is Great, my puppies love her and she’s close and reasonable and does a Great Job! 

Thanks to these and all those i see every other day or so who are pleasant to me and I’m sure everyone else they deal with, and to those i haven’t mentioned… I appreciate your good service.

I love Cowpuccinos too, great service and good hot chocolate  :smiley: I like Marianne and Brenda at Marks, always really sweet to me and Melissa at Reitmans is a doll! Naomis’ Deli, I agree with that one, get my punkin’ pie fix there !  Like Seashore also and hope too that they stay open through the winter, fun to sit there and people watch ! Elan Travel, Hawkair,Leannes all get thumbs up  :smiley: Baker Boy is fantastic and Azalea Gardens is fine too !

Cowpuccino’s? Where would this rainy town be without? The best mochas.

Maverick has been here since before I was a kid. Great place.

The Coast Hotel’s resteraunt “Charlies.” Great breakfast. The best traditional breakfast out there. Friendly staff. A pitty they close at 2:00 PM. Breakfast at 4:00 PM was always awesome :smiley:

Good Times Games has practically resurrected the Toy Craft era. Good guys.

Eddies News: Always going that extra mile to get you the coolest mags and books out there!

Recently went to the Neptune the afternoon front desk person was awesome, the resturant was closed at that time but for breakfast the next morning was great the portion was better then most resturants and the price was right.

Home Hardware is great total help all around.

Rona I had to look for people to help me thats how I ended up at Home hardware

Zellers sucks

Casino sucks waitresses paid more attention to the younger people totally ignored guess our table was to old.

Opa has great sushi but the wait is just to much at times and then when you do finally get your order you feel like you should just eat it fast and fun cause they want to fill the table with new customers.

Rhodos needs more waitresses food is alright but service is slow.

Oceanveiw isn’t bad either.

All West Glass
Baker Boy
Shear Pleasure

i like some of what people have said but oc diner and oceanview as well

Such a refreshing topic! Thank you for starting a such a positive thread. I agree with most the ones that have already been said - but i have to add a couple:
Javadotcup - the ladies who work in there are darling!
Eddies News - always go out of their way to help if they don’t have an item you are looking for.
CIBC - the staff always greet me by name when I go in.
The Crest :smile:!
David, Lucy and staff at Homework and Seahorse Trading! Btw - Seahorse Trading has Udderfest 4 passes available, the festival started last night!
I’m sure I will be back with other favourites soon!

The Crest
Prime Time Cafe
All West Glass
Harris and Wick
Dr. Karen Fait Chiropractic

I would have to say Rainforest Books is good, comfy place and good service.
Good Times Games awesome workers, and im always treated really nice whenever Im theyre! Probably one of my favorite places in town.
H2o Adventures is good, Arthur runs its really good plus hes a nice guy. Good service
Cowpuccinos is always a goodie, cute name plus Jud’s a good guy and theyre paninis are g-rrreeeat.
Oceanwild’s also pretty good. Good service and cool tours…