Going for the Gold in Hockey

So we’ll see who gets scared off by one little ole loss eh… :astonished:

id love canada to win it but i just don’t think they picked goaltenders right.

brodeurs great but getting old for this format. luongo so inconsistent.
so many good goalies right now hard to tell.
but you left out slovakia they could up set with their goaltending too.ththey did beat russia

Olympic observations.

For some reason I cannot get as excited about this hockey tournament as I do for the juniors or for past international events.  Maybe it’s just me but I find it odd that for four years we love Ovechkin and hate Crosby or cheer the Sedins and boo Iginla.  There are so many NHL players involved here, that there is no longer the mystique of international play.

As well, the media hype for these games is turning me off.  The Canadian athletes are all great kids.  They are personable, self-effacing, genuinely likable as well as talented.  But my identity as a Canadian does not rest on their shoulders.  Give all of us but particularly the athletes a break.

The Winter events are really interesting even though we probably care little for them during the other four years.  But there are two problems.  Too many of the events rely on clock watching.  We watch people hurtle down a hills or sled runs or around an oval but we can’t tell who won until everybody has had their turn.  Unless it is the last run, the drama seems lost.

And my biggest complaint is that many of the events are judged.  I like watching figure skating and the skiers and snowboarders, but more for the enjoyment of watching their skills.  For me, they are exhibitions not a competition.  If you can’t tell who was fastest, furthest, put the most pucks in the net, etc. then its not a game.  And these are the Olympic GAMES. 

So you want barrel jumping, crashed ice or even sauna-sitting :wink: