Godwin's law in parliament?

According to Godwin’s law, the conservatives have lost the argument on Afghanistan!

According to stephen harper quotes the conservatives have also lost the moral authority to govern.

Interesting to know there’s a law like that. Thanks for sharing…

What if the nazis never actually went away? What if they just changed their stripes? And what if Canada supported them unknowingly? What then?

The modern zionist movement are the heirs to what the nazis started. They collaborated with nazi Germany during the war to remove select groups of Jews. “True Torah” Jews.

The results of which means the secular zionist movement (of European origin) became the face and power of Judaism after the war. Racist militants. Radical Judaism. A kosher KKK. These same zionists went on to found modern Israel. A ZIONIST state. A country which Canada now supports. Because like the US, you can’t tell a real Jew from a zionist one.

huffingtonpost.ca/josh-d-sch … 99208.html

Your government is now under the influence of zionist agents just as mine is. You need to do everything in your power to remove the affected members. Because your future is black as soot if you don’t.