Gmail Notifier

Every other time I’ve started my laptop last few days there was an update to Firefox’s GMail Notifier.
Has anyone else noticed this, or has mine gone corrupt and I’m reloading the same one? I’m sure tonight it said .6.3.2 and this morning it was .6.3.1

The mozilla site lists the current gmail notifier as 6.3.2.  I’m running FF

My Mac is limited to OS 10.3, but I keep getting the Gmail notifier update also. Had to check what was the last update for my OS, reinstall it, then click no on any further updates.

Why is it limited to 10.3 ? What makes you think that ? i’ve seen imac g4 400’s running 10.5.

gmail notifier is working ok for me, however i use mailplane, its the best gmail app ever.

G3 PowerBook with 3rd party upgraded processor…

Oh a pizmo, with a sonnet card, you should still be able to install the os, give it a try. Or have you ?

Haven’t tried it but will when I get the OS.