Gmail invites

Another gmail thread, this one with clickable invites.

Click if you don’t have a Gmail account yet:

No need to click if you already have one.

I have 6 to give away. Email me mechalchukatgeemaildotcom

First invite gone, here’s another one:

click it if you don’t already have a gmail account…

Alrighty, invite # 3:

For those who don’t have a gmail account and would like one, clicky:

People must be lazy… I havnt’ gotten an email yet haha.

I just think almost everybody has one already.

Send invites off to yourself, then copy the sign-up URL and paste that here. That way people can just skip the e-mailing you asking for an invite and just click the link.

Everyone but me. :cry:

Invite #4:

click if you don’t have gmail already.

Invite #5

Invite #6

Invite #7:

Invite #8:

Invite #9

I have lots of invites, but I refuse to give them away. It’s high time Google makes the service available to everyone! Besides, who am I to say who would make a good "beta tester"anyways?

I doubt google will ever allow just open access, this is a good model for them, they used it with Orkut as well.

But hey, maybe you can change google’s mind.

I am along with Mig & Most people at Neowin, Gmail should definatly keep the system the way it is for now. Dont want a swarm of a bunch of hotmail newbies asking…"WHY DONT I GET MY PORN EMAILS ANYMORE!!!I NEED THE PORN!’.

While we’re on the topic of free email accounts, back in June I had a message from the “Hotmail Staff” saying the following month all free Hotmail accounts would be upgraded to 250mb.

That upgrade came today. I didn’t realize October followed June!

yeah, i remeber that message too, but my account is still at 2mb, guess they’re slowly upgrading accounts

Yay… I can now get 250mb of junk mail!

why this is the best method?

There’s always room for Bender, though.