Gmail & Folders?

So gmail will only allow you to make folder and move email to them, using a program. Ie mail or Entourage, etc etc. That sux. So much mail and no way to clean it up.

So the question is, what you all do with your mail you keep it or remove it.

  1. Archive
  2. Search
  3. Profit

I really use gmail for my memory. I keep addresses and phone numbers there, not as “Contacts” but just in the text of messages.

So I just login, search for “bob dole phone” and it’ll give me the message with his phone number in it.

I’ll try that :smile: thanks.

I guess i’m just used to rules and having messages automatically move to their folders.


What’s his number? He was on Colbert the other night.
Speaking of awesomeness did anyone catch last week when conan, stewart and colbert all appeared on each others shows?

Part of me doesn’t want the writers strike to end.

gmail has labels and tags.  Same thing as folders.

And you can write rules that say something like: if message has subject line “sheep” then label it “sheep” and skip the inbox and archive it.  Then on the left hand side, you can click “sheep” and you’ll see all the sheep mails.


yeah, i just setup my sheep, they are working at the moment too, :stuck_out_tongue:

now to ask the sheep to fix office so i can print :frowning:.