Give me a break!

And this is done by people who say they “love” their pet! :unamused:

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The panda’s cute.

Just an extension of the “genetic engineering” and “artificial selection” we’ve been doing to dogs for thousands of years.

Embarrassing for the dogs :wink:

A tad bizaare…But not anything like what those crazy moms are doing to their daughters on that TLC show, Toddlers and Tiaras…At least with the pooches, the dye washes out, the bling comes off, they are back to licking their butts and chasing cars.  Don’t want to be around one of those kids when they don’t get their way…I see many hours on a shrinks’ couch in their futures…Puppies?, well,as odd as it is, indulge your owners eccentricities, then demand a steak  :smiley:

Yes, the panda is awesome.

Here is an interesting (but short) article about selective breeding of foxes that turned them into dogs:

Also, this link explains neoteny which is a big reason why dogs don’t eat their owners.

And thanks for the fixed link.

Oh my goodness, those foxes are sooo cute!