Gitxsan seek to move forward Governance model with Federal Minister Chuck Strahl

“Every time we sit down with politicians at every level, I make a point of saying the Gitsxan don’t want to be a burden on the Crown and we don’t want the Crown to be a burden on us,” – Gitxsan’s chief negotiator, Elmer Derrick, outlining part of the groundbreaking change of direction when it comes to treaty negotiations between the Gitxsan and the federal and provincial governments.

The 13,000 members of the Gitsxan First Nation aren’t totally in agreement with their leaders, but it would seem that enough must be on side, as hereditary Gitxsan negotiators continue to work out the details of their approach to treaty negotiations. A proposal which would see them relinquish their status under the Indian act and seek out radical changes to the normal standard for treaty negotiations…

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