Gig Internet

I realize that this article is from last year but thought it was interesting that a small town could build their own ISP and have a reasonably priced internet. Maybe CityWest should give them a call? … -1.1382428

Would be interesting to see what their actual speed are/will be. When you have fibre to the home you can offer as much speed as you want, but it’s only as fast as your backbone which they would be buying from someone else. You can give every home gigabit internet but if they’re paying for, say, 2.5 Gbps backbone from the ISP you will fill that up pretty quick when people start streaming Netflix and YouTube all day.

Looks legit to me:

“Because of our investment in fibre to your premise, we can provide the fastest Internet experience right to your door. Our Internet services are ranked fastest in Canada and will allow you to surf and stream online without the hassle of waiting for pages to load or buffer”

"About Us

Canada’s first community owned Fibre-to-the-Premises network. O-NET offers Internet, Home Phone, and Television services exclusively to the community of Olds, AB."

actually Citywest is bringing fibre to the home to a small village, … -gitanmaax

Just move to civilization, problem solved.


I had too, Geekfest 2015… Currently blowing breakers, crashing routers and shot-gunning everything but the 200MB service for the weekend is solid.

I have 10% of that and I live in the bush.

So you only had the 200MB service for the weekend? Nice. What does that cost in your neck of the woods? I currently pay for 20MB down with Citywest.

I only forked out for the booze, but rumor has it, $250 for the month, which he’s keeping it for. I’m on the other spectrum (Telus) at about $80 a month for ~20 ish MB plus cable, I couldn’t even tell ya.I keep the cable for NHL playoffs and hardly touch the internet at home. Though it seems to be a free upgrade to fiber should a person complain about bandwidth.