Get off my lawn!

  LMAO… that is to the point…haha

I like the car in the background, looks like it might be a cuda??

Judging from the door handles, I’d say '72 Gran Torino.  Just a wild shot in the dark, of course :smile:  heheh.  And the rifle is an M1 Garand, maybe Korean War vintage.  heehee.

Judging from the movie title I have to agree

I think you’d be right on the money there Piknic  :smiley:  :smiley:  Great flick BTW

Haven’t seen it.

Heh, I know.  That’s why I was laughing :smile:  It’s called Gran Torino.  Good movie.

Something I should maybe watch you think?

I was disappointed in the ending but otherwise a very good movie.

Especially if you like Clint Eastwood.

It was on one of the cable movie channels just a couple of days ago so will be returning soon !  Really good movie, I love all the names he has for some of the characters but you have to see it !  I did think it was a little predictable but that was OK too !!