George T. Baker's magical Enbridge journey

Hi all -

For some weekend reading, we’re presenting a three-part series of George T. Baker’s adventures in Kitimat for a session of the Joint Review Panel on the Enbridge project. Even though it sounds highly official, it got pretty weird. Read part 1 here:

And stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 later this weekend!


-Muskeg News

Screw Baker! We got rid of that scumbag Daily News for a reason.

By the way, this former successful businessman has done his own studies. I followed this supposed reporter closely. Do you know what I saw? He marched in to Tim Horton’s. That’s MY Tim Horton’s. That’s my double-double. That’s my debit card! That’s my breakfast sausage sandwhich on an English Muffin. That’s the way I eat my sandwhich, biting in to the centre first and then slowly working around the bun in circular motion until it’s all gone. Bastard ripped off my style. I yelled, “Grwo some hair you ugly freak,” from across the street, but he pretended to not hear me and walked on. As he did, I ruefully waved my hand hoping that someone would be a real Rupertite and take this carpetbagger out of town.

“No Sherie, I don’t want to be like ‘Tea Bagger’! He’s not my hero. I don’t want to be just like him. He can’t write, he can’t report and he smells like cheeze whiz gone bad!!! How do I know? Wait a moment and I’ll show you.”

Welp, sorry guys. I gotta go and strangle… er, hug my wife in to permanent sleep.