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Dave’s Contracting
Available to repair your home’s water damage inside only, call for phone consult & to schedule an estimate.
Dave Emes (778) 884-0277
Call or text or email :
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Welcome to our forum, Dave! :smile:
Generally if you’re going to post advertising for your business we would like it if you would purchase a google advertisement. You are new to our forum so I’ll let this remain. We offer decent rates for commercial advertising. Personal buying/selling/wanted classified ads are of course free in this forum.
If you would like to post an advertisement for your business please buy a google advertisement or contact us directly.

Unless you have a book store, you can post all about your business under the books forum.

We’ve removed some of their posts in the past.

Basically, if it feels like spam, then it’s spam.

We don’t mind classified ads. We wouldn’t even mind a business posting an ad like this one has, as long as it doesn’t feel like spam. But really, if a business wants exposure on HTMF, then they can pay for it. HTMF has more than 1000 unique visitors a day. Ads are cheap. You can even go through google if you want proof of views, etc.