Gay Lesbians?

Does two Butch Dykes going out make them Gay in the Lesbian World?

  • Yes, and their breasts hang low and their faces are full of piercings…
  • No, they’re just Doubly Butch Dykes and they both wear a Strap On…
  • Lesbians are wrong and Friends is a dumb TV show…

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Lesbians are often like Heterosexuals; there’s a Butch Dyke and a Lady Lesbian.

What happens if Two Butch Dyke’s are a couple? Does this make them Dyke Dykes? Or Gay Dykes? Or even Queers among their own people? Because two Butch Dyke’s going out is a lot like two men going out.

What happens if Two Lady Lesbians are a couple? Does this make them Lezzy Lezzes? It’d be just like having two women going out… so I guess two Lady Lesbians is a true Lesbian relationship, while a Butch Dyke and a Lady Lesbian going together is almost like a Heterosexual relationship, in the Lesbian World…

I bet that a bunch of the Butch Dykes are going to be kicking themselves in the crotch Twenty years from now when they decide that they don’t want to be Butch Dykes anymore… Why? Because they let their breasts go free for so long that they know hang low and wobble to and fro… even the young Butch Dykes are suffering from Saggatiousness in their younger years.

I know that one thing’s for sure… if I were a Lesbian, I’d deffinately be the Lady Lesbian… because Butch Dykes are dirty…



A lesbian is a lesbian is a lesbian.

Toe-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe

Charles_T… if you want to scope out chicks in your area… go to at least 30% of the girls on there are either bi-sexual, or lesbians.

I ain’t want to get to know any Lesbians or Bi-Dykes… what use are they to me?

I could just wander down that Street that’s the Lesbian equivalent to what Davie St. is for the Fruity Fellows… but I don’t remember the name… so I guess I can’t…

Kyle, are you having fun with MSpaint again?

I wish I could take credit for that.

But, one question. If he’s the lie bot, is he lying about his father leaving, or is he lying when he said no? Did his father really leave?

That cartoon is genius.

Looks like the girl from The Ring

Mr.Monteith in younger years.
(just kidding :smile: don’t know why it reminded me of him, nothign against Monetieth at all 8) ripper teacher)

So many goth people on this site… Like really.

goths are 33% more likely to be lonely than regular people.

but thats a byproduct of 100% of goths being overweight rejects and dressing funny, only countered by the ability of 70% of goths to find other overweight rejects to dress funny and be with, so as to combat loneliness.

do you have any figures to back that up? :wink:


no, i just made it up.

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Victoria is the Cult Capital of the world… just incase u want to know, ya that site is full of dumbies