Gas Prices?

The GST came down today. Did your gas prices drop 1%?
Nooooo! Ours neither.
Ripped off again!

Uh, there was at least a one cent drop here on the Island in prices overnight-my husband pointed it out to me as we drove through town today that the pumps were saying $1.045/litre, which is cheaper than it was on Sunday. So at least SOMEONE was paying attention!!  :wink:

Here in Rupert we are still at 108.9 - 109.9, the move does not accurately reflect a reduction in the GST, during the last reduction the prices did not change.  The GST drop only affects the wealthy, us commoners make up the difference.  Ok, now I will have cheese with my whine.

I was opposed to lowering the GST instead of personal income tax.
On the basis that GST is fair, but is only applied to spending. An income tax reduction would put the money in your pocket and YOU could choose to spend it, pay down debt or mortgage, or put it into investments or RRSPs.

As a retailer I changed my opinion. People are so FUCKING STUPID they fell for El Harpo’s vote-buy hook line and sinker.
This whole town held off for that 1% reduction, I’ve been overwhelmed with sales. They were waiting to “save” a few pennies.
So here’s how it goes: the id10Ts swarm in and comment on the $3-$5 saving for that upgrade/computer and then whip out their Visa card. They think they “saved” by spending $525 dollars they don’t have instead of $530 they don’t have. Not a one can recognize that if they actually had that $5 in their pocket in the first place, they’d actually save by putting it on the Visa bill and lowering it!

But in 2 days my retail sales have almost matched my entire December sales so I just smile and say nothing!