Gas prices

Vancouver/lowermainland gas is down to $1.23.9 per liter WTF? they have a ton of taxes that we don’t have,can you spell ripoff?

More gas stations maybe ?

Cheapest on the island is 118.9 in Port Alberni its 123.9

  1. You live in the North.
  2. One fuel supplier for all of the town’s gas stations.

It’s already falling in PG. In Vanderhoof it’s 12c/L cheaper than in the Fort. That’s 55c a gallon more here.

I posted a gripe about gas prices on our Fort St James board around 10 this morning. When I got off work Petrocan had dropped its price to $127.9.
Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

Got gas at Safeway in Terrace this afternoon at 124.9 with the discount (129.9 without).

price in victoria is 115.9

Abbotsford $1.11.1 this morning

Here’s a great site to find out the gas price in your area, or elsewhere.

Gas at Petro Canada in the Industrial Site is 122.9, so actually 1c cheaper than lower mainland.

The other city gas stations are all 6c more at the moment.

Just dropped from 121.9 to 118.9 here in the Fort overnight.

Nice. It was a buck thirty something when I recently gassed up here in PR at the Chevron station.

Here in Mexico gas prices change once a month, mas or menos.
Magna per liter(regular unleaded) - $MXN $10.63pesos or $0.81320 Cdn.
Gotta love it.

You know i wrote about this months ago. And i got ripped apart pretty good, so now you see if a gas station can keep his prices up he makes more money. Just heard that Victoria is at 1.12 a liter. Never has happened in the last few years. ever since Mohawk has shut down the two down town stations have been ripping us off. Grassy bay for the most part has been .06 cents cheapper for the last couple of months. So suck on that.

$1.22 in Rupert ! Calm before the storm maybe ? Has to be low for a reason, maybe as the world is about to end, a little parting gift ? LOL

You have it partly right.

More competition makes for lower prices, but the extra profits are going right back to the oil companies. Both Chevron and 7-11 have their prices dictated to them. They make the same per litre whether it is 1.12 or 1.32

The irony is even though grassy bay might be cheaper, if they own their own gas then they probably make more per litre than than downtown.

Edmonton has prices of 99.8 all over that city. Wonderful resource taxes and Less Sales Tax. Let’s hope our BC Gov. will take note and set up these kind of benifits from all the future resource income.