Gas prices set to rise again?

The early warning system that is Petro Canada in Prince Rupert has issued a warning of sorts it seems, as the price of a litre of gas is posted as 1.10 this Saturday evening, two cents higher than the downtown stations which for now are selling their gas at 1.08.

The news isn’t good from the east as Prince George stations were quick to up the price of gas in the Northern Interior this morning. Opinion 250 reports that the price of gas jumped six cents from Friday night to Saturday morning, placing Prince George’s gas price per litre at 1.09 or 1.10 depending on where you buy your gas.

So, one would suspect that the time is short in Podunk for our prices to remain below the 1.10 mark, as we always seem to trend higher in price than destinations to the east, what remains to be seen is how high the price will go as the months progress…

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Prince George went up 4c from 105.9 to 109.9, but today they all sank back down to 105.9. Vanderhoof dropped to 104.9 today.
Gee never did see the 1.1c drop from the GST…