Gas prices in Hazelton

Hazelton gas station. :slight_smile:


Good stuff!

I’m sure that photo is from 2011 or something. If you search, you can find it here on HTMF or elsewhere on the web.

Which just goes to show that we’ve been here before.

How much are gas prices, and what were they in 2011 or 2012?

I know we’re paying $1.19 here, and people are complaining, but it was $1.40 not too long ago.

It’s priced just below where it would make sense to buy gas from the US and truck it in. Which shows that there’s a complete lack of competition in the wholesale sector.

I gassed up yesterday here in PR at the Chevron station with 87 octane for $1.27/liter.

One reason is gas prices are almost $1.60 in Vancouver and all the sellers see is whining and sniveling, no drop in demand.
Now they know people there will pay those prices, they know everyone else will too. So they can raise them as high as they want, for whatever reason they want.
Hang on for the ride

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