Gas line?

I’ll be the guy with the gorgeous looking blonde. You can hit on her if you like, we are just friends.

I need a fake I.D.

Just wait for 3-4 weeks, nobody will notice that you’re only fourteen.

That might work, but they could spot my boyish good looks.

someone sent me a few pics:

I like this one. … ode=normal

Wow, look at all of those floating logs.

mmmmmmm cedar deadfall

Ahh, successful Solly’s/Curling Rink mission tonight.

Much discussion about water pressure dynamics in a parallel three urinal system.

The faster the fluid goes, the more the pressure decreases?

That bournoluli li guy was pretty whack-tastic.

so is the road open?

I’m supposed to be driving back to rupert…

One lane should be open.

according to bc road report:
Bare with limited visibility due to dense fog Terrace west.

Single lane alternating traffic 20 km east of Prince Rupert until further notice for mudslide clean-up operations.

Mig, make sure you take pics as you drive by.

Furry asses are hot! Ingrowns suck though

Ingrown? Yeah, I’m that.

More pics of the slide if you didn’t see any before…

Thanks for the pics Orangetang prince rupert is full of disasters lately heh

And I thought this forum was fulla nerds. Holy cramoly that was scary.