Gas line?

I heard tonight that the gas line to PR was broken again. Another slide.


this is lame.

yea it’s out again. What a stupid ass place.

prepare to have no showers everyone.

Ahhhhhhhhh I love my electric heat and hot water. :smiley:

Haha, yeah when i lived in rupert for the longest time we had electric hot water… finally got gas water soooo that sucks… but still have electric heat :stuck_out_tongue: Just be a man and shower cold

Yeah I thought guys were used to cold showers?

Not me, I like 'em hot.

have they even found the slide that took out the gas???

all ive heard about is the one blocking the road. … c078c04c2a

Last winter when the gas went out, I decided that I was fed up with everyone’s whining, and had me a nice long shower. It was pretty rugged. It made shaving so hard to do, because my skin was all goosebumpy.

Insert obligatory “not that Eso can ever grow enough facial hair to make shaving worthwhile” rib here.

I have to quit shaving for 3-4 weeks before I can really start to notice hair on the razor. My backside can usually produce a decent pile of fur though.

Well Bumfluff , we all needed to read that. I can think of a couple of places

where hair is growing besides my arms, head, face, and legs.

ever noticed how if you’re cold, and take a cold shower, you end up coming out stupider?

I had four cold showers during the gas outage last year. I don’t feel any stupider! :confused:

i meant immediately afterward.

HTMF/Eso Fan Club meeting at Solly’s immediately.

You mean the effect doesn’t last?