Gas line

Hey so the word is that the gas line is out again

so we wont freeze lol we all can huddle with are partners

Wow. That’s so credible I believe it 100%.  :unamused:

Really?  Where did you hear this?

Not that it matters much – but I thought they replaced the one line with 3 smaller ones or something?

Besides, nobody’s going to freeze in June.

Yeah, I heard at dinner tonight that it was out too.  I was told that it was reported on CHTK.  Now all we need is the electricity to go out too and we’ll have hit the trifecta.

Just heard on the CJFW news at 11 that the gas pipeline has been ruptured, the Mayor apparently seeking to keep us all from showering at once says that there is enough gas in the system for a couple of days…

As Mig said earlier it’s June, so it’s not quite the problem that it was the last time this happened

Well thank you all for posting actual information instead of just “Hey yo. No gas.”

I guess if we are going to have a gas line break… summer is the best time for it. If this keeps up they are going to end up dispatching the military to help out the north.

God… I sure hope people don’t start hoarding gas.  :astonished:

hey crazymike glad its not ok to just post things with out cold hard facts…o fuck me we have to delete most of the posts on this site cuz most are just not true or incomplete! its not like he was trying to start something! shit so he did not put has any one heard this to or does anyone know if its true, i would think that this would be the point to his post but i don’t know for sure…o shit now  this has to be deleted cuz i can’t prove it!

is so much more Informative than

maybe most of the people on this site should try to be a little nicer when someone posts or at least try to provide some proof one way or the other as to why they are right or wrong.

So is this gas outage officially confirmed?  Wow.  :imp:

The local radio news (Rupert) at 9am had a PNG official who said there is a “near rupture” 50km west of Terrace (but I couldn’t quite understand if it was 50km or 15km).  They have a helicopter in the air now looking at the site and assessing damage.  As well they have reduced supply to major customers and are asking homeowners to conserve supply etc.  More should be known later this morning.

Thanks for the reply, JJR:-)  I’ll put on the radio at 10:00 for an update.

You were saying??

Just listened to CHTK at 10:00.
It is official.  The PNG gas line ruptured about 50 KM west of Terrace.  PNG spokesman Mr. Leech said that a chopper crew is doing an inspection of the site now.  Personnel and equipment are being mobilzed now to deal with this.  PNG is hoping to have a temporary fix in place ASAP.
People are asked to try to conserve gas.

Oh I love my good ole electric heat :smiley:

Well I guess since I was being too subtle, my point then and now is that when you post something like that it doesn’t exactly make people believe you. Look at your post and then scroll down and look at the others:

“Yeah, I heard at dinner tonight that it was out too.  I was told that it was reported on CHTK.

“**Just heard on the CJFW news at 11 **that the gas pipeline has been ruptured”

All it takes is a couple extra words to say where you heard it and suddenly you are much more believable.

I didn’t say he was right or wrong or even that he actually had to post facts. I simply posted that I could not believe him based on the lack of information. If I posted that in a way that displeases you, well too bad. I don’t post to please you or anyone else.

Yeah, we have gas heat, but, it isn’t too cold right now.  I purchased some of those electric oil portable heaters for my place a year ago.  Makes me glad I have an electric hot water tank.

On the noon news PNG said that there is a complete break in the line and they should have it repaired in two to three days (no road access to the break).  There should be enough gas still in the line to supply Rupert but they are asking everyone to conserve gas.

If they could harness the gas energy my dad produces the city would be fine for weeks.  :smiley:

its something in the air or water… I have been so gassy too… i think i shared too much…