Just Wondering if anyone here Plays the game created by Nexon INC. Combat Arms
If so Add Me


If any of you want to try this game out The link is

Nexon is sorta of Bull Shit with Hackers in that game (Not PC Hackers like Cheaters)

I played it once, uninstalled it the next day, why not play Battle Field or the Call of Duty series? I know plenty of people that play those games.

nut shot!

Pentium® 4 Cpu 3.20 GHz
3.20 GHz 2 gig ram
I Have A Couple Games Installed But The Games I Do Have Need Somewhat Of A Better Processor To Run Smoothly Wich I’m In The Middle Of Finding Right Now As Well :stuck_out_tongue:

used to play lol but found it lagged alot when i did then again was most likely cuz i was playing off of a laptop not a desktop at the time