Gamehouse Game License Numbers

I used to have a list of these, but my computer crashed, and I lost everything.  Can anyone give me a list of them, or know where I can find them again?  I was sure I had found them on here (several years ago),  but I have searched for 3 days now with no luck.  I have 2 teenage children who love these games, but i need the codes/numbers for them.  Thank you. 

It doesn’t matter what forum you put this question in… it’s not going to get the answer you want.  This isn’t a place for game cracks, codes or cheats.  Please look elsewhere.

Thats not going to help him at all.You want to give him the code it’s christmas be nice…:smiley:

here is the code.


Well, I can’t give you the code to that game, but here’s a code you might want to try: