G5 firefox

Those of you using Powermac G5s or iMac G5s, check this out:

wiredblogs.tripod.com/cultofmac/ … _id=513838

It’s pretty fast!

I haven’t tried the G4 version yet.

what about canon g5s?

NO NO what about the Canon PowerShot G6 there nice. :unamused:

Optimized for x86


Well, I finally switched from Camino to Firefox. Dragged all my bookmarks and everything. Seems very similar- looks like a cross between camino and safari. But Camino had close tabs buttons that are not on firefox. They were pretty handy.

The close tab button is on the right-hand side of the tab bar, it’s an “x”. You can also apple-w to close the current tab.

The power of Firefox is all the neato extensions.