G-mail Question

I and My Lady have been trying to send mail via email through our gmail accounts but we keep getting messages send failed.

It is only happening with Picasa3.  I checked with their HELP website and there have been many complaints as they have been having this problem for over a week now. Apparently, Google is trying to fix the glitch  :imp:  It is OK to send your photo through your documents and then email it but a pain in the ass !!  I only use Gmail for Picasa so let us know if you have any problems with a Gmail account on any level !

Everything working well with my gmail account here.

never head a problem, and mines working 100%

whats the error ?

  It only seems to be a problem if you work with Picasa3.  We are unable to send any photos from there as it is a Gmail account that you must use. I looked on their help site and they have many complaints regarding same.  I have hotmail for regular use but Gmail for the photo site.  It is supposed to be in repair.  :neutral_face: