Fuzzy Lines of Music Genre

I saw Bon Jovi on CMT the other day and it got me thinking about how music has evolved over the years. The lines between country and rock are very fuzzy at times where there never used to be any doubt about the type of music that you were listening to. Several country stars have evolved into pop rock and vice versa for rocks stars. I find it strange because I have always hated country music but I find that although I am still a fan of alternative and rock music, that I am increasingly enjoying country. Am I just getting old or has music changed that much?

I think I’m in the same boat as you.  I used to hate country too, but now find myself enjoying it as an alternative to the regular stuff I listen to.  I hope it’s not a getting old thing, I hadn’t planned on doing that.

Perhaps Country has just grown on you? I know that after my second or third time through a song, it often sticks. A lot of the times this will lead to a bigger interest in the artist, then the genre itself and related genres.

Maybe the genre of country music is just getting better?  It’s no longer the boring, twangy, drawl it used to be, it’s now a lot more upbeat, and catchy, and I’ve fallen for it… I like country more now than I ever did.

Country definitely is better than it used to be. Looking back on it, Elvis evolved from the “King of Rock and Roll” into a kind of new age country star before he died. I guess that this has been going on for a while.

Maybe now that I have kids of my own, its that I feel that I can relate to the type of music that has a little more substance. Ill always love some good upbeat alternative rock though. Ill be in the Acropolis Manor one day and be still listening to Nickelback and Green Day on my MP3.

Bon Jovi and country dont mix, he was probly just doing some gay a$$ duet with some whore.
Thats kinda like saying I heard Metallica on Prince Ruperts radiostation, but that to would never happen unless Lars Ulrich was drumming for some skank.

ok…so i live in the midwest and i am kind of a cowgirl type thing, and i can see what you mean (since i am surrounded by country music for half of my life). country is becoming increasingly pop rockish and alternative rock is slowly moving towards the country type sound. Its wierd, becuase two years ago i would have told you i hated country with a vengence but now i can almost stand it.

either way…some people should just stick to what their used to. I’ll have to agree with you on the bon jovi thing.