Furniture maker

I have heard that there is a furniture maker in this community that makes very high quality stuff.  Does anyone know who or where he is?

Don’t know his name, but if my memory is correct, he is located on Sixth Avenue at Drydock Road…

They have their shop there, it’s just after you cross the bridge coming from town past Petro Can…

His name is Paul Cope. He has a display at the Ice House Gallery in the Atlin Terminal. According to the Ice House Gallery website his contact info is:

Paul Cope
Wood Furniture
Associate member

I’m not sure if his company still goes by Creative Metals or not, but that’s what it was a few years ago.  He also has Cope Designs.

Paul makes some REALLY nice stuff.  If I had a more modern home, I’d totally be getting a few pieces from him.

thanks everyone  :smile:

there is also another gentleman in Rupert,Pineworks, is the company name, he is in the phone book, I am not to sure as to what he makes, however I have seen some of his scale models, and i seem to think that he makes dressers as well, not to sure though

His name is Bill Johnson and he lives on summit…I have seen some of work…It seems pretty good…He should be in the phone book… Good Luck…!!!

That would be Bill Johnston …

I’ve seen his cabinetry and he seems quite capable. Lately he’s been making a number of aquarium cabinets.