Fun Software

My dad is in Thailand right now and he has all the hookups on cheap software. All legitamate software for $3.00 a pop (stuff like Photoshop, XP Pro etc) from a certain dark coloured market. He can get basically anything that comes on a CD/DVD for cheap cheap. My question is, what is some sweet software out now, may as well get it legit so I don’t have the hassle of changing my computers clock back 3 years just to run it (my Photoshop CS does that).

With the amount Citytel charges you for hi speed internet, download it for free.

Hey Mr. File, I would say a hard one to get is (arcview v.9.0).
Load up on norton or mcafee stuff.

Hellos are going out to Prince Rupert. Weze a wayz down in Vancouver.
I would also like to say that most stuff are free if you look in the right placez!

How is the weather back home?

Well, I don’t live in Rupert any longer so I hafta pay shaw prices for bandwidth. I realize that I can get most stuff from torrents, but having the legit copy for about as much as the cd it is written on costs is better than burned copies.

Citytel is dirt cheap consittering you have unlimited uploads and downloads.

Corel Suit 12 is a must… such a powerful program. In fact get a couple copies, and i’ll buy em off of you for $50 a piece.

I’ll see what I can do.

Just what makes you think this software is LIGIT? :laughing:

It isnt but it is, it is in their actual boxes, just obtained illegitamatly.

… the shaw limit is “30 gb” roughly if you go over 50 they send you a dreaded email :unamused: but for the most part they dotn care as long as you arnt constantly saturating the pipe just thought id let you in on that piece of info.

yeah, well, i came accross that problem when i was an shaw regular at uvic. they didn’t notify me, just throttled my conncection bad. BitTorrent was running pretty much everytime I wasnt playing CS:Source.

My brother recently got the threatening bandwidth letter. He’s on Shaw, I think.

See, With my 2.2Meg connection with citytel, I have zero complaints about the speeds… I get 250kb/s download speeds 98% of the time, and im not limited to bandwidth. So why do people complain about citytel? The people that complain the most i think are the people that have cosmic DSL and pay $30/month for it. I think thats even a pretty sweet deal. Its what i use at work, the downloads arent quite as fast as 2 meg, but still decent, and still have unlimited downloads and uploads. The only bad side of the cheap DSL is the the upload speeds are slow. But for $30/month, you still can’t go wrong.

Fuck, who uploads lol… Im all for the All download no upload :stuck_out_tongue:

With BitTorrent, the more you upload, the more you can download. Its the principle of the whole system.

The only time I hate CityTel internet lately is when the system is down and I can’t do anything but sit here and play solitaire or watch something. The times I complained before, were when my modems were broken, I got completely shut off from any service at all, or I was downloading at only 10Kb/s max.

Now I realise how good we have it, so I shut up.

CityTel phone service and mobility on the other hand… that’s a whole new can o’worms. Specially since I just read they are charging us for 911 service now… if they had added it on to another city bill, I wouldn’t have seen it… but dammit, I pay the phone bill.

Between my mom and I, we give CityTel over $250 a month, for my 7meg DSL, 2 phone lines, and one cell phone.

Citytel gets $68.19 from me every month. My bill is always the same, because I don’t have long distance. It’s funny, I actually don’t have any long distance calling capability at all. I can receive, but not initiate long distance calls.

I tried to get Internet without getting a phone line, but they wouldn’t let me. My basic plan was to assume that anyone who I could ever possibly want to be able to contact me, would be on my msn list, and know how to get a hold of me.

Delirious, check your pm’s!